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Making Transhumanism Fashionable.

Making Transhumanism Fashionable.

Transhuman Tees launched in 2016, our main goal was to put more eyeballs in the direction of Transhumanist and Longevity themes. So far, we have been trying to find our feet with our style, and also find ways to make purchasing Transhuman and Longevity related apparel and accessories easier.

We strive to improve our designs, our pricing and also the breadth of products we have available.

Transhuman Tees is not a strictly for profit business. Our first ever sale resulted in a $5 donation to SENS research foundation. The other $5 profit went towards improving our transhumanist/longevity based news website (talfeed.com)

The goal is not to become rich, the goal is make humanity better. That's what Transhumanism means to us. Your purchases are not just going into someone else's pockets, but helping the transhumanist cause with awareness and allowing fellow transhumanists more time and resources to promote their views to the world.